Insured Grazing and Handling Services Available in most Northern California Counties including: Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Yolo, Contra Costa, and Lake County. If I can not help you, I probably know someone who can. For questions or service requests call or text 925-852-9524

Grazing Consultations

For 5 Acres or Less:

Site walk + Project Proposal with Quote —————————–$100

*Disclosure: Given the high demand for grazing services at this time, I may not accept a project, or may need to decline until the following season. However, the quote includes a project proposal with map that customers are free to share with other grazers to expedite the process with them should I not be the right person for the job for some reason. 


For 5 Acres or More:

Contact Aaron Gilliam with Sweet Grass Grazing


Backyard Livestock Services-

Hoof Trimming (Sheep and Goats)—————————–$100/10 animals or less

Additional animal———————————————————————————————$5/each

Small Livestock handling and transport——————————————–$100/2hr

Includes truck and crate use up to 25 miles. Must have corral space.

*Additional fees for mobile corral and trailer use or transports over 25 miles.

Any other needs—————————————————-Call for pricing