The Shepherd

I am a Northern California Grazer, Farmer and Shepherd working  with others to reconnect ourselves and other animals to each other, the land and our food system.

We are not separate from nature; we are very much a part of it. By choosing to reclaim my role within the landscape my life has become rich with experience and satisfaction.

This is a joy to share about the discovery of a better life through writing and conversation; An honor to learn about the ways other humans have connected and found hope in the world around them; And to find creative ways to collaborate with other life makes me feel sure that to be wealthy is not a matter of money at all.


Thank you for supporting me by being here, reading my thoughts and sharing yours.

Thank you to the individuals who support myself, my partners and my animals by purchasing our services, meat, eggs and veggies.

Thank you to my fellow farmers, ranchers and stewards for staying humble and tall, being thoughtful in your actions and words, and for making this a fun adventure we are on together.

Thank you to the cows, the sheep and goats, the rabbits, the chickens and ducks, the elk and antelope; for all the good work they do on the land and for converting plants we can not eat into things we can.