I am so grateful to my fellow humans when they express themselves, their true selves. Not just the facts and figures we memorize about the world we live in, but our ambitions, our feelings, our dreams and desires. It was not that he brought to light something I had not thought of; he brought to light that I was not alone in those thoughts. And in that, for the first time in a year, I found so much hope, comfort, and community.

There is not enough time in this production oriented world for genuine friendship. There is a pressure [created by our capitalist driven economy] to always be moving upward that outweighs the desire to be patient and wait. How difficult it is to get to know someone when it requires sitting still, listening and contributing to a relationship that may never provide you with more than a warm embrace or a lended ear in a time of need.


I am not the only one saying it.

Friendships, Community, Neighborly acts, Relationships built on trust, respect and care for one another. Those are how I will be determining the density of my richness. Those will be the units of measurement in calculating my wealth. Those are the things I want to be remembered by. Not the fact I am hard worker. Not my willingness or ability to hustle. Nor that I am a mover and shaker. For too long people have appreciated those things about me, and I have resented myself for it.

I listen. I care. I love. I bring comfort to friends. I create calm in the world that seems to never stop storming. That is who I want people to think of when I become nothing but a memory.

I am not sure how many of us there are out there in the world. I don’t know if our population has grown, or if we are just now finding the words to describe the way we feel. But we very much so exist, live and interact in this world. We are discovering how to live those lives we desire. Not within the current system, nor against it; but separate from it.

This woman continues to inspire these thoughts, even after passing on from her human form: http://www.ursulakleguin.com/LeftHandMillsCollege.html

Maybe that is where it started, us coming back to our bodies, rediscovering our native tongue. With her words spoken 35 years ago.

Maybe it started there and many other places, all at different times. Maybe it is starting right now, in you, reading this. It is our connection to each other and the world around us, that can make this life so satisfying to the soul.

Thank you for connecting with me here.

Published by paigelynntrotter

I work as a grazer and shepherd in Marin County, CA. My relationship with Sweet Grass Grazing provides for my goats and I, the honor to impact landscapes all over the surrounding public and private spaces. As I tend to our animals and land, I become more aware of how intricate life really is, both ecologically and socially. I recently created this online space for sharing of those noticed connections, hoping we can all deepen our understanding, appreciation and ability to interact with the diversity of life around us.

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  1. While I am certainly one who has taken notice and appreciated you for being such a hard worker, always ethical, fair and generous… even seen you as something of a “mover & a shaker” as well. But your strength is never overwhelming and it is the calmness you provide, the caring that you give, a certain gentleness that is present when you are near, the way you listen to others, your very genuine love, and the way you appreciate people, animals, the all of the earth without ever seeking to take anything for granted that continuously draws others towards you. It is these qualities that matter most and that you teach through examples, making others better, perhaps at times their very best. You are very loved and appreciated for the deep richness that you bring to our lives, as this very post is an example of. I cannot read it, without pondering the words, soaking it in and being a little better today because of you taking the time. Thank you.


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